Several arrests made in downtown riot Wednesday evening

Olympia Police made several arrests Wednesday after a demonstration evolved into an unlawful assembly, with lots of graffiti visible as well as a few broken windows.

Two separate groups formed in the early evening, one at Sylvester Park and one at City Hall. The group at Sylvester Park eventually marched down 4th Ave to meet the other group, according to scanner traffic. They allegedly damaged an ATM, broke out windows in a bus shelter, and left graffiti on several buildings as they marched.

Once the two groups merged, around 8:45 pm, they broke several windows at the Olympia City Hall and began to march eastbound on 4th Ave. After giving several dispersal orders, officers engaged with the group in the area of 4th and Plum and around 10 arrests were made. We aren’t sure of the exact number.

The remainder of the group appeared to disperse from there. We will follow up later with additional details on the arrests and the damage that was done.

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