Rainy, windy day results in scattered power outages, and more accidents

COURTESY: #NotKaren from TCSNW

Thurston County was hit with another fall storm Friday morning, which resulted in several power outages, particularly in the southwest section of the county, and several accidents, including two rollovers on the freeway.

The first of the two rollovers occurred around 9:15 am on I-5 north near MP 93, just before the Maytown exit. One vehicle was upside down on the freeway. No one was injured, according to scanner traffic.

The second was on SR 101 north at MP 362 around noon. This time, the vehicle ended up going off the road and landing upside down. The occupants were treated at the scene for minor injuries only.

Puget Sound Energy reported several power outages, most of which were centered in the Maytown/Tilley Rd area. There were reports of a tree down with wires on McCorkle Rd, likely the cause of some people’s lack of power.

As of 6:00 pm, less than 100 residents of the county were still without power, as the rain slowed and winds tapered.

The National Weather Service said Friday to expect showers on Saturday, and less showers on Sunday.

We are dry by Monday, temperatures will be increasing daily with highs possibly reaching 80 by Wednesday.

October starts on Thursday, with highs expected in the upper 70s into next weekend.

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