Deputies arrest man in Martin Way burglary, find stolen mail in his pocket

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a 27-year-old male on suspicion of two counts of 2nd Degree Burglary, Possession of Stolen Mail, and other charges early Wednesday morning.

Deputies were called to the Yamaha Motorsports of Olympia, 6807 Martin Way E, just after 4:00 am Wednesday morning, for a report of a possible burglary. The store owner was watching his surveillance cameras remotely when he discovered a man messing with a fence up against a building.

The male matched the description of a suspect in a burglary at the same location that occurred on October 28, and a theft that occurred on October 29. In the theft incident, the suspect had stolen a black metal carabiner off of the fence.

Deputies detained the man without incident. He immediately confessed to stealing the carabiner the previous week, and also confessed to the previous attempted burglary, saying he was “testing his wire cutters out on the fence to make sure they worked well”. The store owner identified him as the man responsible for both incidents.

When the man was placed under arrest for two counts of attempted burglary, he was searched incident to arrest, and multiple unopened pieces of mail were located on his person, addressed within 1/2 a mile of their current location.

The suspect stated he had found it on the ground. The mail was solidly dry, however, despite it having been raining for the past 5 hours. Deputies also found bolt cutters on his person, adding “making or possessing burglary tools” to his ever-growing list of charges.

In all, he is currently being held in the Thurston County Jail on four felonies – attempted burglary, possession stolen mail, possession of instruments of financial fraud, and possession of stolen property in the 2nd degree, as well as misdemeanor possession of burglary tools and possession of auto theft tools.

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