Arrest Report for Monday, Dec. 21st

The Arrest Report is now available for Monday, December 21st, 2020. Agencies in Thurston County made 2 felony arrests and 3 misdemeanor arrests for a total of 5.


  • Lucas, C. Violation of No-Contact Order 2+ Convictions DV. 600 blk Trosper Rd SW. Arrested by Tumwater PD, held in Thurston County Jail.
  • Ridge, P. Assault 2nd Degree DV. 600 blk Trosper Rd SW. Arrested by Tumwater PD, held in Thurston County Jail.


  • Davis, B. DWLS 3rd Degree. 2300 blk Evergreen Pk Dr SW. Arrested by Olympia PD, released on scene.
  • Goss, B. Assault 4th Degree DV. 8500 blk Canal Rd SE. Arrested by Yelm PD, held in Nisqually Jail.
  • Kelly, D. Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree DV. 5200 66th Ave SE. Arrested by Lacey PD, held in Nisqually Jail.

Warrants – Felony or Misdemeanor

None to report.


*Being arrested does not mean that a person is guilty of the charge(s) listed and all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. Charges listed are initial offenses referred by the officer at the time of arrest that are based on probable cause (except in the case of a warrant arrest). The Prosecutor decides if charges will be filed in court, and if so, what those charges will be.

Please also understand that this report does not include any misdemeanor arrests made by TCSO or WSP that don’t result in a suspect being booked into jail. Misdemeanor suspects are often “cited and released”, depending on the crime, at the discretion of the Officer. We have no way of finding this information quickly.

Those who would like more information about a specific case can find it by searching the various jail rosters and other online resources, such as the “Daily Bulletin” on the Police2Citizen website.

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