Man arrested after giving two false names during shooting investigation

A suspect is in custody on a new felony charge and multiple warrants after he gave deputies two different false names while they were investigating a possible shooting on Sunday, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Thurston County Superior Court.

Deputies were originally dispatched to the 2400 block of South Bay Rd NE after an off-duty law enforcement officer called 911 and reported that they heard gunshots in the area just after midnight Sunday morning. Deputies checked the area and heard no further gunshots.

They were re-dispatched to the area just before 2:00 am for reports of gunshots coming from a specific address in the 2400 block of South Bay Rd. When deputies arrived at the address, a male came outside frantically stating that a female had just been shot and had left the area in her white Cadillac.

911 dispatchers were able to find a white Cadillac registered to a female who lives at the residence. Olympia Police officers located the vehicle and performed a felony traffic stop at San Francisco Ave NE and Bethel St NE. The female and a male passenger were detained and did not appear to have been shot.

The female told deputies that the two men were fighting, she heard gunshots, and they took off towards Boston Harbor. She said she didn’t know where she planned on going, and that they were “just driving”.

When deputies attempted to identify the male passenger in her car, he provided two different false names. When he finally provided his real name, he showed to have seven active warrants for his arrest. He was arrested and booked into the Thurston County Jail on his warrants as well as Criminal Impersonation 1st Degree for providing the false names.

Detectives with the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate the shooting. They are searching for the other male involved. There is no probable cause to arrest him but there is reasonable suspicion to stop and detain him for questioning pertaining to the fired shots.

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