Historical heat wave on tap this weekend

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued an Excessive Heat Watch in our area, effective Friday afternoon through Monday evening. They are anticipating a heat wave that could break records.

The official forecast from the National Weather Service is calling for a high of 102 degrees on Saturday, 107 degrees on Sunday, and 102 degrees on Monday, as of Wednesday afternoon. The hottest temperature ever recorded at the Olympia Airport is 104 degrees in August of 1981. That record is in jeopardy this weekend.

Meteorologist Cliff Mass has more in his blog. He says in part “In any case,  it is essentially certain that the Willamette Valley and western Washington from Seattle southward will have a historical heatwave, one beyond the experience of many residents.”

Temperatures this high can have deadly consequences. The American Red Cross recommends that during a heat wave you stay hydrated, not participate in strenuous activity, find somewhere with air conditioning to go if possible, and keep an eye on family, friends and neighbors who could be affected by the heat.

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