Details released in 5th Ave Bridge murder investigation

A 24-year old male is in custody for 2nd Degree Murder after he allegedly attacked a man in his 40s, kicking him in the face and rendering him unconscious. He was later found dead where the assault occurred.

Olympia Police were dispatched to the area of the 5th Avenue Bridge at approximately 2:00 am on Monday, October 4th. Passers by had found a deceased man on a sleeping bag under the bridge. The man appeared to have suffered substantial bleeding to the face and head.

An autopsy was performed which revealed the victim had suffered a facture of the jaw, broken nose, bruised right ear, and his airway was full of blood, according to charging documents.

Olympia Police detectives were able to locate two eyewitnesses to the assault. The two witnesses explained that they were with the suspect, 24-year-old Antonio Hooks, and had gone to the 5th Ave Bridge to get high. They arrived and found the murder victim masturbating and staring at them, which enraged Hooks.

Hooks allegedly then punched and kicked the victim in the face. After he was unconscious, Hooks allegedly kicked him in the face again which caused him to appear to have a seizure and emit foam from his mouth.

Hooks then said “What did I do?” according to the witnesses. They claim to have tried to render aid, splashing the victim with water from a bottle and using a lighter to “shock the victim and attempt to to wake him up”. The three then left the victim under the bridge.

Hooks is currently being held in Thurston County Jail. He was denied bail at his initial court appearance on October 8. His arraignment is set for October 19.

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