Chehalis Tribal Police officers injured in airboat collision while assisting in flood evacuation

Two Chehalis Tribal Police officers were injured Friday night while responding to assist a family in evacuating their home due to flooding in Oakville. One of the officers was arilifted to Harborview Medical Center.

According to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, a family called 911 at approximately 10:22 pm requesting assistance in evacuating their residence on Pearson Rd in Oakville.

The family was loaded onto a rescue boat near their home by Grays Harbor deputies, then transported a short distance by vehicle where they were to meet a Chehalis Tribal Police air boat which was going to transport them further east to a temporary shelter.

At approximately 12:15 am, the two Chehalis Tribal officers responding in the air boat were injured when the boat struck a tree. The collision occurred on Hwy 12 just west of Anderson Rd SW between Rochester and Oakville.

One officer received serious head injuries and he was transported to Summit Pacific Hospital in Elma and then airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. He is reported to be in stable condition. Another officer, who was ejected from the boat, was transported to Summit Pacific Hospital where he was treated and released.

The exact cause of the collision is not known at this time, but further investigation will occur, according to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

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