Thurston County deputy arrested on suspicion of domestic violence crimes

An off-duty Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested at his home last week on suspicion of domestic violence assault and malicious mischief after a fight with his girlfriend, according to case records obtained from the Tumwater Police Department.

Tumwater Police responded to the incident around 11:00 pm on Thursday, January 27th. The deputy’s girlfriend had fled their home in her vehicle and called 911. Officers met and interviewed her at a nearby convenience store.

The officer’s investigation led them to develop probable cause to arrest the deputy for assault and malicious mischief. He is accused of hitting the victim in the face with an open hand and throwing an object at the back of her car, shattering the window.

Tumwater officers were going to wait until supervisors from Thurston County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the home to contact the deputy, but he came outside and began to get in his vehicle, so officers detained him.

Supervisors from the Sheriff’s Office arrived shortly after he was taken into custody and took possession of his duty weapon, badge, commission card, and patrol vehicle, according to the report.

With the suspect’s consent, the Tumwater Police Department also took custody of his seven personally-owned firearms for safekeeping.

The suspect was transported to the Nisqually Jail where he was booked on suspicion of Assault 4th Degree – Domestic Violence and Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree – Domestic Violence. Jail records show he was released the following day on personal recognizance.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office has not released a statement in regards to the deputy’s arrest.

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