Olympia Police investigating stabbing at Wheeler camp

Olympia Police are investigating after a man was dropped off at St. Peter’s Hospital on Saturday night with critical stab wounds to the neck, and the car that dropped him off sped off at a high-rate of speed.

Around 8:00 pm, staff at St. Peter’s called 911 when the male was dropped off. The vehicle that dropped him off was described as a 4-door grey Hyundai Sonata. Staff could only get a partial plate. The vehicle reportedly drove on Ensign Rd towards Martin Way, into oncoming traffic, at a high-rate of speed, according to scanner traffic.

Officers in the area began to search for the vehicle. Around 10:00 pm, officers were in the area of the homeless encampment on Wheeler Ave SE. One officer stated that he thought he had just found the crime scene.

A few minutes later, the vehicle in question was located inside the camp, which officers stated smelled like bleach. Other items of evidence were also located in the area, and the car was towed to the OPD jail as an evidence impound, according to scanner traffic.

Officers continue to investigate the stabbing, and the condition of the victim is unclear at this time.

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