Police arrest 13 at Olympia riot, all have been released

The Olympia Police Department arrested 13 individuals on charges of Disorderly Conduct and Failure to Disperse, which are both violations of the Olympia Municipal Code, at a demonstration turned riot on Wednesday evening downtown.

Around 8:45 pm, two demonstration groups joined together in front of City Hall and began smashing windows and tagging buildings with spray-paint. Two large windows in the front of City Hall were completely smashed out, according to scanner traffic.

Officers also said over the radio that rioters were shining red lasers in their eyes, and throwing rocks at them.

Officers declared the group an unlawful assembly and began issuing dispersal orders and he group began marching east. OPD officers, with the assistance of TCSO deputies, WSP troopers, and Lacey PD, engaged with them at 4th and Plum, where riot munitions were deployed.

Thirteen people were arrested in that area, five men and eight women. All but one of those arrested are age 29 or younger. One 44-year old female was among those arrested, according to arrest records.

As of this morning, they had all been released from the Olympia City Jail.

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